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Klēa derives from the ancient greek word ¨Κλέος¨ which means glorious/illustrious , and was used to describe Heroes and their feats ,



STACKPRIME was born by professional, academic researchers who were seeking to build a consultancy army



Marios Giannakou

Έχει συμμετάσχει σε αγώνες υπεραπόστασης και περιπέτειας (OMT100K, ROC 50 miles, 100



Physis Ingredients

Η Physis Ingredients εγγυάται για την ποιότητα των προϊόντων της, προσφέρει λύσεις και αποτελεί αξιόπιστο συνεργάτη – προμηθευτή των βιομηχανιών στον κλάδο των φυσικών πρώτων υλών.

[content_column content_column_title=”AVOEL” content_column_desc=”AVOEL is a private capital company, founded in 2013 by a 39 year old Industrial Engineering Consultant. After 3 years of scientific research (2010-2013) in cooperation with the Harokopio University of Athens, the founder decided to invest in a small industry based in Chania-Crete. The basic subject matter of the company is to produc a series of products based on Fresh Avocado which grows in the western site of Crete more than everywhere else in Europe-Asia-Africa. The initial idea was to replace/reduce the saturated fat with the unsaturated fat acids of Avocado pulp, which reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) by improving the good one (HDL). Last Recently, AVOEL produced as a result of a research project in Bahrain, a highly Vitamin E oil, produced by the seed, the pulp and the flower of Avocado which is used us a high level sun protection, skin hydration and antiaging purposes.

Our next goal is to enlarge the industry placing a new pasteurizing technology with high pressure (1-1,5 million investment) in order to increase 10 times the daily production, and to improve even more the taste

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[content_column content_column_title=”BIOAROMA” content_column_desc=”Bioaroma is an eco friendly sustainable business.

Bioaroma is headquartered in Agios Nikolaos in Crete, a greek island. The founder of Bioaroma is Manousos Pediaditis , who is a chemist and the production manager of all Bioaroma products.

Bioaroma products are 100% natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, ISO 9001 & 22716 certified and are all based on natural essential oils that are all produced in our facilities.

The recipes of the products are all inspired by the ancient residents of the island, the Minoans, who were the first cosmetic producers worldwide.

In Bioaroma we use the same methods to produce our creams as our ancestors did.

We use no water in our creams and therefore no preservatives are needed.

Since our packages are going to be replaced since the end of March 2018, we are also proud to announce that our packages will now correspond and reflect the quality of our products.

We will use only bioplastic bottles from sugar cane and recyclable and biodegradable paperboard cream jars and packaging boxes.

We believe in a better future for our enviroment and a more sustainable living.

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[content_column content_column_title=”BYRAKI” content_column_desc=”ByRaki flavor is established based on the general idea of combining Cretan Raki – Tsikoudia with different flavors from the Greek countryside.

All these products have flavors of Greek raw materials, such as orange, mastic, pomegranate and others.

Up to now 23 different combinations of flavors have been created.

The company’s goal is, to upgrade the traditional Cretan Raki and to suggest new and different ways to appreciate and enjoy it.

In 2016, the Industrial Property Organization certified our company, for its uniqueness and innovation in the Greek market, with a Utility Model Certificate.” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”KASSAKI Bros” content_column_desc=” OUR PHILOSOPHY

Our passion & specialty is the handmade production of traditional smoked meat products since 1999. Our recipes are based on the authentic recipes of our predecessors with innovations and additions that give our products unique quality & taste. Our small family business is growing rapidly because the products are of excellent quality with no chemicals added.


Four generations ago, since the early 20th century, our great grandfather produced local, smoked sausages & cold cuts. Today, we preserve & develop the genuine traditional Cretan recipes and offer you a variety of quality, exclusive meat products.

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[content_column content_column_title=”EPTASTIKTOS” content_column_desc=” Eptastiktos is a social cooperative focused on the preservation and promotion of the heritage of ancient olive trees on the island of Crete. The cooperative works to achieve this through a comprehensive program in both the social and economic spheres for the third consecutive year. Eptastiktos has launched an initiative to record ancient olive trees in the Lasithi area (800 to over 3,200 years old) and create touristic paths through ancient olive groves. It has also standardized an exceptional extra virgin olive oil, derived from ancient olive trees, in collaboration with local olive oil producers .
Eptastiktos has also initiated an adoption program for these ancient trees that will see their patrons bonding with them and participate in the effort to protect them.
The cooperative is a also engaged in the promotion of processed local agricultural products such as vegetable jams (European patent), aromatic olive oil from olives co-milled with aromatic plants, balsamic vinegars based on carobs. The products are mainly exported to the European market.

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[content_column content_column_title=”BioCoS (Bioinformatics and Computational Science)” content_column_desc=”BioCos is a B2B Biotech start-up company specializing in DNA authenticity of raw materials along the supply chain in food and cosmetics industries. Mislabeling and fraud in natural raw material are common in both food and natural cosmetics/pharmaceutical products. This, results to illegitimate profit, and to severe health and environmental side effects. Currently, the need for real-time and robust techniques to monitor products along the supply chain is mandatory. Among such techniques, DNA based technologies gain continuously ground in assessing authenticity/traceability of raw material used to deliver natural products. BioCoS’ innovative technology is able to extract “bio-signatures” for each organism to be applied in low cost & real time DNA-based solutions (DNA “track-and-trace”) for on-site authenticity and adulterants presence in natural raw materials. BioCoS’ product is the result of years of advanced academic research from top European institutions, with a clear market need for DNA “track-and-trace” solutions as supply chain become more complex, fragmented and internationalized.

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[content_column content_column_title=”ESCARGOT DE CRETE” content_column_desc=” Escargot de Crete is proud to have created a unique snail breeding farm based at Latzima in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

Escargot de Crete engages in the breeding of top quality Helix Aspersa snails. The business started in 2009 and is the first vertically integrated production, packaging and marketing company of snails in Greece.

Our aim is to work hand in hand with nature whilst utilizing the most innovative production facility in the world.

Ongoing research is a critical part of our company operation. We believe this has enabled us to produce the finest Helix Aspersa snail available in the world.

Creating innovative gourmet and the finest products with high nutritional value, based on the Cretan and Mediterranean diet.

The Escargot de Crete based on the three: global innovation – quality – health, and would not agree to produce cosmetics without serving those principles.

To continue to develop exciting new product ranges with all the amazing benefits that our snails can offer.

On the other hand, special diet’s snails with natural food risen through the vast library of Cretan folk tradition, ensure unique quality of snail secretion filtrate, with very high range of allantoin exceeding of concentration of 25 mg/Kg in the resulting secretion of snail Escargot de Crete.

A range of finest skin care and other lines are in markets.

Dr. Charalampos Kiagias: Escargot de Crete is a dream of life. This dream I considered that I had to chose. It‘s the route I chose at the most important crossroads of my life to offer in society, in my homeland, in my family.

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[content_column content_column_title=”ALEXANDRAKIS FARMS (CRETAN RABBIT)” content_column_desc=”Alexandrakis Farm is located at the foot of Psiloritis Mountain, at Monastiraki, in the Amari Valley, Crete, where rabbits and roosters are bred in modern facilities. The mission of Alexandrakis Farm is to provide rabbit and rooster meat, which are traditionally consumed in Greece, in top quality. The quality is guaranteed by the Farm’s slaughterhouse, which is certified by the FSSC-22000 standard, by TUV Austria.

The new project of Alexandrakis Farm is the production of premium charcuterie by the meat of rabbits and roosters. This charcuterie has added-value since they are made by high quality meat of our own produce, and the purpose is to provide alternative “healthier“ options to the consumers of charcuterie.

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[content_column content_column_title=”WIN0 – PSP” content_column_desc=”WIN0 is a newly developed start-up, as a result of our passion and love for premium quality wine, combined with a healthy lifestyle. We here present an innovative technology called “Energy Evaporation”, by which we produce any kind of non-, low-, or de-alcoholized drinks with increased anti-oxidant properties, due to the numerical increase of polyphenols, and mainly without harming the main organoleptic wine characteristics.

The supernumerary health benefits of this technology, make it useful to a large part of the population, who can enjoy their wine-desire, without concerning about its harmful effects in their daily routine. For example we mention “drinking and driving”, lifestyle, pregnants’ and diabetics’ use, reduced calories uptake etc.

At present we are developing a reduced alcohol “wine” (ABV 5%) and a non-alcohol “wine” (ABV 0%), while we are exploring the social, financial/economic and human component of the innovative idea, behind WIN0.”]

[content_column content_column_title=”NFA (Natural Food Additives)” content_column_desc=”Natural Food Additives-NFA is an innovation driven start-up specializing in extracting bioactive compounds from organically cultivated herbs while investigating the use of different crop by-products as new sources of raw materials. NFA extraction processes are designed to recover different fractions of extracts including antioxidants, water/oil soluble phenols, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids etc. Recovered extracts are further processed to produce natural additives that can be applied in a wide range of food/cosmetics products. NFA products are tailored to be fully compatible with the final application system (food/cosmetics) taking into account its physicochemical and structural properties. NFA production processes are designed to produce volatile-free natural additives enabling their use without altering flavor and aroma characteristics (sensory attributes) of the final product applications. NFA is also providing services on (i) R&D consulting and (ii) new product development technical assessment to food producing SMEs. NFA team consists of experts specializing in food engineering and food technology with a strong and long term collaboration with the scientific and research community.

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[content_column content_column_title=”Cultourism” content_column_desc=”Η Cultourism είναι μία νέα start-up που ιδρύθηκε στην Ελλάδα το 2017 και δραστηριοποιείται στον χώρο του τουρισμού.
Η εξειδικευμένη ομάδα μας προσδίδει ένα στοιχείο πολιτισμού (Culture) στην τουριστική (Tourism) εμπειρία. Προσφέρουμε στους ταξιδιώτες τη δυνατότητα να ξεφύγουν από την καθημερινότητα, να εξερευνήσουν τοπία εξαιρετικής ομορφιάς και κληρονομιάς και να ζήσουν την εμπειρία του παραδοσιακού αγροτικού τρόπου ζωής στην Ελλάδα.
Περιοχές χαμηλής τουριστικής ανάπτυξης στην Ελλάδα έχουν την ευκαιρία να ενισχύσουν την οικονομία τους μέσω της ανάπτυξης του εναλλακτικού τουρισμού που προωθεί η Cultourism.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”ChickPeace Project” content_column_desc=”The planet and humankind face an existential challenge:

Life on Earth becomes unsustainable, as natural resources are rapidly depleted, and Greenhouse effect deteriorates the environment
People suffering from food related diseases (heart ailments, cancer, diabetes, obesity) steadily increase
No1 REASON (according to UN) for these, is livestock!

On the other hand, the number of people interested in and demand for vegan and animal substitute’ foods, also increase speedily!

This is exactly what we cover, by producing and supporting a series of vegan, organic and functional foods, that are novel in nature.
Our methodology uses traditional food processing and fermentation techniques from around the globe, to process a staple -familiar to many civilizations- food (chickpea), to create UNIQUE FOOD PRODUCTS, which aim to offer:

healthy attributes
environmental sustainability
a new gastronomic experience
Our products are easy to prepare, can be used in classic recipes instead of animal origin ones, and give a variety of solutions: seasonings, ready-to-eat recipes, meat analogues, dessert. Their further development can take many forms.

Our know-how developed though years of experimentation our lifestyle and passion for top quality food are the key points to start and support the venture.
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[content_column content_column_title=”BioJuicery” content_column_desc=”Our plan is to develop sustainable organic products. These products include Juice combinations and pomegranate seed oil.

The company has been established in Achaia 2012.” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=”Μικροχυμοποιείο-Βιοκαλλιεργητών-1825485067729954/”]

[content_column content_column_title=”Gaia Robotics” content_column_desc=”Gaia Robotics is a team of remote sensing and geospatial analysis experts working for agricultural producers. Gaia Robotics assists customers using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and specialized scientific equipment in acquiring, processing, and analyzing agricultural data, often by the next business day. Through our in-house research and development, we produce the most advanced data products available in the field.

We provide our customers with actionable intelligence for critical management decisions. The capability to collect high resolution multispectral aerial data changes the way the world is approaching business. Ranging from precision agriculture to insurance applications, aerial imaging helps entrepreneurs in making better decisions than ever before. And for the first time there is a cost effective yet scientifically proven and reliable solution to achieve this.

We focus on markets like agriculture that are in dire need of cost effective methods to examine performance in crops, increase their yields, decrease both their expenses and the environmental impact of pesticide and fertilizer applications. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology and applying sophisticated processing and analysis tools, Gaia Robotics can provide the business answer you need. Our visual sensors capture high resolution aerial imagery depicting even the smallest details and as a result expose problem areas in your field otherwise invisible to the human eye.”]

[content_column content_column_title=”Hippocrates Farm” content_column_desc=”We are Hippocrates Farm and we follow the essence of Hippocratic medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. We put it into life, in a piece of fertile land of 20 acres, on the mountains of central Greece, surrounded by emblematic landmarks such as the holly rocks of Meteora and mountain Olympus.

In this farm intended for an agrotouristic park, we grow absolutely naturally, the best foods Mother Nature can offer to humans, aspiring to give the opportunity to different groups of people to share with us the full natural experience, reviving a deserted rural area of unique beauty. Out of all the beneficial plants that could thrive in our area, we have chosen the one of the highest beneficial profile, known to humans since antiquity: the incomparable sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn is loaded with 190 different bioactive nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, Omega fatty acids and many more. The fruit is an absolute power house of nutrients!

At Hippocrates Farm, we cultivate, process and market, the best organic sea buckthorn, as a pleasant everyday food, so that people can benefit the most out of it. We started doing so, through the osmotic low temperature process, an innovative dehydration method that keeps all the goodness of the fresh fruit.”]

[content_column content_column_title=”Misyrlou Soap Shop- OGP” content_column_desc=”We make soap with our own virgin olive oil production. We also use other ingredients in our soap from local producers and farmers like honey, beeswax, avocado, goat’s milk etc. We also make creams, lotions, bath bombs and lip balms.

The company was founded in 2014 in Egina. It is a family business.”]

[content_column content_column_title=”QUHOMA” content_column_desc=”“QUHOMA is an innovative application of Smart and Collaborative Farming targeting conventional and quality (BIO, GLOBAL GAP) farmers as well as their business partners. Through QUHOMA not only does the end user/farmer collects sensor data from the field but he can also share them with a community of users that these data make business sense to share with. In details, QUHOMA welcomes additional business entities input (agronomical services, business advises, quality inspection forms and procedures, administrative tips) and circulates these within QUHOMA common MARKET tool where everyone consumes and offers services. It is a win-win solution both for food producers, other established businesses in the agrifood value chain and the final consumers all wishing to enjoy traceable quality products.

QUHOMA was created to unveil the competitive advantage of farmers and industries committed to outstanding quality in end-products and farming procedures. At the same time Future Intelligence’s Internet of Things solution paves the way for rationalizing the required farm inputs thus maximizing profit margins.””]

[content_column content_column_title=”Geabit” content_column_desc=”Geabit is an AI-based monitoring system which allows farmers to unlock the full potential of their plants, which usually results in higher quality crops and a 40% increase in crop yield on average. Our technology captures climate data from the field and provides actionable insights to growers via mobile and web. Our monitoring systems combined with the AI that we have developed can help the farmers face their 5 biggest issues by offering:

-Plant disease and pest forecasting Plant diseases and pests are responsible for about 25% of crop loss (FAO).

-Improved irrigation control Overwatering or underwatering results in negative yield response.

-Improved planning and decision making Farming still involves a lot of uncertainty.

-Personalised weather forecast 90 percent of crop losses are related to weather (U.S. Department of Agriculture).

-Post harvest crop monitoring and guidance after leaving the field, 17% of the world’s food products spoil (FAO).”]

[content_column content_column_title=”FishFarm” content_column_desc=”FishFarm is a web based analytics platform for the aquaculture industry. It is designed to harness, analyze and predict all fish growth data from the early stages of fish fry up to harvest.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”Petmezi” content_column_desc=”Παραδοσιακό Πετμέζι από Σύκο Οικ. Πασιαλή\ Traditional Fig Petmezi Passiali Family

We are planning to start a family business producing fig petmezi, following an old traditional recipe. Our goal is to revive this almost lost delicacy providing a unique ingredient for delicatessen customers.”]

[content_column content_column_title=”Hyssopus Organics” content_column_desc=”Hyssopus Organics is a newly founded business that operates in the sector of aromatic & pharmaceutical plants. We believe that Greek herbs, with their exceptional properties, can serve as a basis for many food products. Our aim is to make multiple use of the plants and produce a variety of products in order to offer new, qualitative food options to the consumers.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”Organic lavender” content_column_desc=”LAV is an agri-business company which focuses on the production and exploitation of products from lavender.

The company (, ) has been established in 2013 in Patra.” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”Βότανα Πελοποννήσου – Herbs of Peloponnesos OGP” content_column_desc=”A group of 10 innovative Peloponnesian farmers in the Achaia province cultivate and deliver exceptional quality herb products that are certified organic with optimum plant characteristics and genetic uniformity. Their cultivation methodology and production operation is strictly organic and their range of aromatic and medicinal herbs is cultivated as closely as possible to the natural conditions found in the exquisitely mild mediterranean environment of the Peloponnesos region of western Greece. «Herbs of Peloponnesos» operates informally for the timebeing and is represented by Ilias Kougelos and Dimitris Koufopoulos.

This innovative association of farmers differentiate themselves from mainstream intensive agriculture methods by operating organically certified «Working Agrotourism Farms». The organic Permaculture of aromatic and medicinal herbs with a genetic passport pedigree is a new and innovative idea within the Greek farming community and which has considerable economic potential both local and internationally.

A full range of freshly picked and naturally sun-dried herb products packaged according to customer preference is available for distribution to the consumer and gastronomy sectors or alternatively in minimum 10-20 kilogram quantities for bulk wholesale delivery to corporate customers such as herb wholesalers, food outlets, and also to Cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceuticals companies that are even currently offering forward contracts for crop harvests.” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”AGROLOGIES” content_column_desc=”Our products and services offer needed technology solutions to the agriculture sector. Agrologies’ goal is to be the market leader as the first company in the region of Greece to collect weather data and give farmers the opportunity to remotely control the irrigation of arable lands. Agrologies realizes that farmers today are more conscious of reducing irrigation water waste and of their environment. Because of this trend, there is a growing trend among farmers to move away from traditional ways of irrigating arable lands, based on experience.
Automated irrigation systems were introduced in the agricultural sector several years ago, but their cost remains too high. Our aim is to create a solution based on the technology of wireless sensor networks, which will enable controlling irrigation of an arable land remotely, and all these at the lowest possible cost.We offer one major service and major product. Our major product will be a four-piece device mainly consisting of soil sensors, to be installed in an arable land. Our major service will be an application through which users will be able to remotely control the irrigation process.

After the installation of the device on site, users will have the following options:

• To remotely manage the solenoid valve at any time

• Review the data and graphs from the sensors, as well as the conditions prevailing in the area

• Receive notifications depending on extreme weather conditions

” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”Cogni-things” content_column_desc=” is a start-up company founded in Volos, Greece in 2016 by two research engineers. The main goal of cogni-things is to build a heterogeneous internet-of-things (IoT) platform in order to integrate nodes from different vendors and for different applications. Such an IoT platform should enable the cognition to the heterogeneous nodes providing with the required intelligence for decision making..The cognition will be provided by building particular application programming interfaces (APIs), which will enhance the interoperability and enable the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the nodes. In particular, our mission is to provide a middleware monitoring and control platform, through heterogeneous IoT things that would be able to “talk”, cooperate, think and decide without human intervention.

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[content_column content_column_title=”BIO2CHP” content_column_desc=”
Modern industries in the agro-food sector are intensive energy consumers and produce significant residue streams which are now disposed as waste.Currently available solutions targeting the energetic exploitation of waste are only economically viable and accessible to big scale installations, thus leaving the majority of the market uncovered. BIO2CHP offers to SMEs of the agro-food sector a stand-alone energy production unit, which combines the technologies of gasification and internal combustion engines, under the control of an innovative “smart process operation controller”. The BIO2CHP unit provides the means for an integrated use of raw material, utilizing the generated by-products for small-scale on-site heat and power production.
BIO2CHP aims at offering small-scale cogeneration units – 20, 50 and 100kWel, exploiting the residual biomass from the agro-food sector industries. These units operate independently, controlled by an “intelligent brain”, and are placed inside a standard cargo containers for easy transport and installation. The units, depending on each specific market segment and application, will be able of reducing up to 100% energy related costs and up to 88% waste management costs, increasing profitability and leading to payback periods of less than 1.5 years.
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[content_column content_column_title=”SmartP ” content_column_desc=”SmartP is an IoT cloud-enabled Agrοbusiness Intelligent Information Management System platform and Subsystems with corresponding middleware, and security and privacy architecture for process automation, data management, monitoring and control.

SmartP enables sustainable agriculture with smart technology and Intelligence that builds sensors into crops, providing essential data on several measured parameters that impact plant growth. Data can be used to trigger actions, based on predefined scenarios and enable users alter conditions towards maximize yield / profit and environmental impact.

SmartP aims to efficiently contribute to cross-border agro food value chain, by implementing intelligence and increased technology, bringing agriculture to a new era. Big data and collaborative networks are introduced in the agricultural world to set an added value framework of stakeholders, who have access to real time, processed information.

Easy platform tools enable synchronous monitoring of real farm conditions, and the transformation of such captured data into useful information available to all collaborative partners.
Actions can be instantly taken based on the proposed actions, regarding scientific directives, regulations, and quality standards. In market terms, product related constraints are co regarded in the above decisions structuring an effective Business Life Cycle.

” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”NIRRA COMPANY ” content_column_desc=”NIRRA COMPANY is a newly founded company which was set up due to our passion and love for premium quality honey and authentic greek products.

The company produces two premium quality kinds of honey, forest honey and pine honey, which are as pure as the untouched forests where it is collected in northern Greece.

” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”ΦΑΡΜΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ” content_column_desc=”We have designed an inovative Organic Dairy family Farm Incubator project that aims the socioeconomic reconstruction of non-metropolitan districts through the development of a sustainable dairy sheep and goat cluster, which allows people interested in investing in dairy sheep and goat farming to get the appropriate support and infrastructure for the revival of their farming activity.

” content_column_btn_title=”website” content_column_btn_link=””]

[content_column content_column_title=”FILORA” content_column_desc=”Filοra is a company which aims on the one hand to display the one of a kind quality of Greek organic herbs ans on the other to reach premium markets where so far none of the existing Greek ones has managed to do so”]
[content_column content_column_title=”DIAMANTIS HONEY” content_column_desc=”Source, pack and sell (PL, branded) Greek honey.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”MACHAIRAS ESSENTIAL OIL” content_column_desc=”Production of essential oil, rich in carvacrol (>80%) from endemic Origanum Vulgare L. s.sp. hirtum,organically grown. Target market; whole sale in animal feed supplements industry abroad. Long lasting and stable co operations. Fully integrated unit – cultivation, processing and distillation. The whole sequence will be certified at all levels.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”KANENAS OLIVES” content_column_desc=”Kanenas, is offering edible olives of unique characteristics to high-end delicatessen consumers,reviving a long forgotten traditional recipe.”]
[content_column content_column_title=”TOPALIDOU MUSHROOMS” content_column_desc=”Topalidou and co-workers have established an innovative startupcompany which aims to develop the mushroom cultivation. The company has highly qualified personnel, while no such company exist in Greece with high, potential of expansion (exports). There is a growing interest of more and more people to grow edible (gourmet) or medicinalmushrooms for a variety of reasons (food, health, fun, extra income). The need forcommercially available mushroom growing kits (indoor growing, outdoor growing, spawn andcultures) is highly needed, especially if we take into account that some mushrooms species(from truf¡es to milk-caps, canterelles, morels etc) may be native at certain areas and someothers may be cosmopolitans. Therefore, production of mushroom growing kits of nativespecies is essential since purchasing such kits of non-native species is either prohibited orrestricted. Moreover, production of growing mushroom kits of native species is challengingand involves the possibility to make certain species of economic importance (e.g. morels)available for cultivation under forest farming systems.”]